Cross-browser Compatibility

A good website is no longer about checking your code, dead links and upload time, but browser compatibility testing in now a must! As a newbie back in the days, I was made the big mistake of relying only on the internet explorer, the lastest at the time, and didn't think about checking my site against other browsers, such as Opera, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and the latest Internet Explorer browsers. Eventyually, it was quite a surprise to see a change in the layout from one browser to the next. That was a BIG mistake! What looked great on one browser, told a different story on another. So, the best thing to do is download the lastest most popular browsers on your system, but there is one problem. You cannot have the same browser running different versions of it on one operating system without the use of third party software. Lucky for us, there are few programs on the internet that will do the job for us. Your site(s) may not be browser compatible straight across the board, but still try to focus on the more popular browsers: (Select any of the below images to download the latest browser version)

::: IE Tester / DebugBar

IE Tester - Free internet explorer browser testing tool made simple

IE Tester is an incredible browser testing tool for viewing multiple versions of IE at the same time. Just click on the tabbed Internet Explorer version of your choice and voila, done! IE Tester is not about screenshots, but live action right in front of you for proper testing. It is a FREE tool, it does the job, so no complaining on my end... Read More

::: IE NetRenderer

IE Netrenderer - Free online screenshot tool for IE compatibility browser checking

An easy to use online program that allows to check how a website is rendered in different IE versions. This is as simple as it gets by selecting the IE version and entering a URL, then "wait, wait, wait...done!" I was able to get my result within 11 seconds. The program is FREE, but it does not give a full screenshot of the page, so you will have to enable the vertical offset to view further down, meaning several attempts depending on the height of your webpage, but remember it is free and worth it for small projects... Read More

::: Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing - Online live testing of browswer screenshots

Interested in the best of both worlds, from screenshots to live testing, then Cross Browser Testing may be the answer. The online service offers a simple selection of combinations from a variety of operating systems and browser configurations, so you can save time and money. There are three different plans on a per minute basis, but the programdoes offer a trial period and 30-days money back guarantee, so check it out... Read More

::: Browser Shots

Browser Shots - Free operating system and browser screenshot web checker

Test your webpages by getting snapshots from the selection of many different OS and browsers options. This is an online application that gives web designers and developers a convenient way to test their webpage across a large number of platforms and browsers for FREE. Make sure you narrow your available options, as it will take time to get the results. There is another version for $30 per month for unlimited usage and priority over the FREE version in getting your screenshots... Read More


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