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About me! I find passion in creating websites


My name is Cy! I am a web designer living in Lake Forest, CA. I work and I work and I work. For fun, I create websites that cater to personal portfolio and small businesses.

Get to know me...

I am skilled at designing beautifully attractive websites that are clean and simple, yet appealing. All of my sites use valid HTML / CSS markup, making them SEO friendly.

What can I do?

All you need to do is select a pre-designed template and give me all of the information needed to customize your new site. There is no coding knowledge required. I do it all for you! Provide me with the information regarding color scheme, images, titles, verbiage and so forth.

What to do now?

Simple! Start by viewing & selecting a website template...

to my best friend "Viki" who wants to know why I have to put pictures of myself online.
Answer: because it bothers you - luv, cy :-)

Creating a website has never been this easy

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